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christian music production, vocal coach, songwriting, worship, film composer


Over the past decade working at the highest levels of the music industry as one of the top celebrity vocal coaches in Los Angeles, I was absolutely saturated in pop music... working alongside top producers, managers and record labels. Over the years, I became increasingly disturbed at the messages in the vast majority of songs... lyrics dedicated almost exclusively to promoting alcohol and drug abuse, meaningless sex, vanity, violence, and greed. It was shocking to hear song after song actually encouraging people to be self-destructive. I saw it's effects in the young people I worked with, and I felt God showing me how harmful this is to our youth and to our society as a whole.


When I became a Christian in a radical conversion in 2017, I felt a strong calling to leave the darkness of the pop music industry for a new path, while taking all the skills and experience I'd gained in LA with me. God led me to creating music as a worship singer-songwriter and Christian music producer, developing gifted young artists and collaborating with established artists who are real people, writing and performing music that tells the truth instead of lies. Music that glorifies God and points people to the One who made them and loves them. Music that uplifts and inspires. Music that is a light in the darkness.

That vision became KINGDOM SOUND...


Kingdom Sound is a world-class Christian music production, songwriting and artist development studio in Austin, Texas. Our team includes some of the top industry professionals in the world, and our mission is to do our part to build a better and brighter future glorifying God through the power of music. We are launching live worship events in Austin, Texas in 2023. Join our team!

We invite you to join us!

Kira Fontana

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christian music production, vocal coach, songwriting, worship, film composer
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